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Sharp Organizational Solutions provides comprehensive training and assessment solutions.  We create value that enhances organizational performance, and ultimately creates a more efficient organization.

What We Do

Sharp Organizational Solutions is an organizational research and development firm specializing in Employee Survey Research, Training and Development Workshops, Coaching, 360-degree Feedback, and Complete Organizational Analysis.

Put simply, we help organizations get the very best out of their employees.


Our training philosophy is simple: provide organizational solutions that create measurable results.  Our curricula incorporate training principles that are grounded in behavioral scientific theory about how people think, learn, and remember, to provide the client with deliverables that create results.

Our Mission

We are committed to increasing organizational effectiveness and employees' quality of life through research, education, and training.  Our focus is making client organizations achieve more by enhancing internal quality.



Seminars & Workshops
Organizational Analysis
360-Degree Feedback
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